Dr Sharman Jeffries
questions I've been asked (and ask myself...)
What IS this thing called Neurodiversity you're always going on about?  
Is it the same as special needs, specific learning difficulties, or are they (or am I) just being 'plain awkward'?!  

Why do I get so down about myself?  Self esteem issues in neurodiversity.
Where do I start?   Serenity Prayer - serenity to accept what you cannot change, the courage to change what you can and wisdom to know the one from the other - and the issue of wisdom to be YOU.

Why won't my brain take in the information?
Learning how to learn ND style: supporting your working memory when you have a different type of brain and information processing.

How can I rebuild my confidence? I keep failing... How can I feel more in control. 

Why do I get so tired? I hardly seem to achieve anything...

Is there another way that will work for me?  "I don't want an easy way out, I want a different way in" 

How can I find a way so I wont have to keep giving up on my projects? Goal setting for NDs: a 'level playing field' view point before you try a SMART goals coaching model.

I've been told I'm too sensitive and emotional... what can I do? I can't change the way I react to things...
Emotions, negative automatic thoughts, and NDs: challenging those emotions (or lack of them) and unhelpful thinking patterns using visual representations and the SPACE model (Edgerton & Palmer, 2005) of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy/Coaching.

I get so stressed when I am trying to manage my life - how can I be more level?
Stressed and ND? Not funny!  Compassion Focussed Therapy (Gilbert, 2005) to understand and support our affect regulation systems.

All I ever think is "I-HAVENT-GOT-ENOUGH-TIME!"  - how can I stop falling into this trap?For 
Neurodiverse (ND) or Neurotypical (NT): exploring ways of making best use of what time you have and strategies that can help. 

I'm anxious/depressed/burnt out again... will it ever stop? Want to stop going round the'burn out' cycle?
"Sorry, I'm going to be an Eeyore for some time yet":  Managing times of depletion, low moods and anxiety (with reference to the 100 Acre Wood characters). Why Neurodiverse individuals suffer deeply. Neurodiverse and/or Neurotypical

"Why can't I do without my [chocolate/wine/cakes/reading/exercise/going to church/learning/shopping]?"  A look at the role our brain and memory plays; substances and processes we feel we just can't do without. Are Neurodiverse individuals more effected?