Dr Sharman Jeffries

Thank you to all my past clients who were willing to share from their experiences - I wish them all well for the future.  

Client presenting with panic attacks after divorce:
"Sharman started to see me on a regular basis during which she explained what was happening to me [extreme panic attacks].  With her knowledge and understanding, Sharman helped me to understand my body reaction and taught me to recognise the symptoms and what may have triggered them.  she provided me with the correct information and advice, including on how to help my daughter's physical and mental well being. Throughout the process, Sharman gave me real support in identifying my strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and organising my life.  I am very grateful for all the support given for I learned to balance my feelings which has brought more stability to the family life. We can now look forward to the future despite the difficulties."

Client with gifted son with specific learning difficulties going through the statementing process:
"Sharman came along side me in such a way that she totally understood my son in regards to his behaviour, reading and writing difficulties ... understand my son's ways and provided me with contacts which have been a great help to us.  "...encouraging me to look at all my son's positive behavioura and abilities and not to focus on the other stuff I was having to write down for the assessment.... she truly has been a blessing to me and my son." 

Professional client with workplace stress and anxiety - using coaching psychology's SPACE model to identify difficulties and use helpful strategies to overcome them:
"Space diagrams have helped me to understand why I am reacting to certain situations in a certain way, and to manage the anxiety that escalates in those situations.  It has helped me to challenge my automatic reactions, so that next time I am able to rationalize and manage some of my anxieties."

Cross-cultural client seeking new directions:

"I spent a few weeks visiting Sharman for life coaching sessions.  I found my time with Sharman invaluable and very beneficial.  Even though I went there with an unclear view of what I needed, Sharman very clearly guided me in the right direction every time!  I managed to sort out so many questions and emotions and by the end of my time with Sharman, I felt very confident, clear and focused about the future.  The biggest benefit for me was building up my confidence in who I am.  It was wonderful and time very well invested!" 

Client whose son was experiencing social and emotional difficulties at school :
"I truly believe without the help and assistance from Dr Jeffries my son would have not been placed in this school [transferred to new school] as his problems were never identified before. He is now able to take lessons in a calm manner, and his social skills are developing well."

Client with severe dyslexia and dyspraxia supported through significant life changes:
"You have supported me since my change in circumstances in life and i would like to say thank you for talking to me about diffrent ways i could change my life style and diffrent stratgies on how to see things in diffrent lights. You have helped me doing spread sheets with my finances to help me plan a head and get my life strait. you have been so much help to me thank you i couldn
t of got through everything with out you."

Client facing serious work and life challenges:
I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly recommend Dr Sharman Jeffries. Sharman is one of those extremely rare individuals who is able to blend utter professionalism with a genuinely warm and caring approach. Undoubtedly, one of her most significant qualities, is her ability to inspire confidence and trust and demonstrate a genuine understanding of the client. She is willing to tailor sessions so that they allow her clients to feel comfortable and relaxed, whilst still covering the content necessary to make progress.  Sharman was a key part of a very important period of my life and I can say without exaggeration, that I will never forget her support and encouragement.