Dr Sharman Jeffries
About Me


Personal Journey


I am at the moment embarking on a different tack in my professional and personal life. Reaching retirement age and having some physical limitations have caused me to make a turn in my journey back towards creativity and communicating in different ways.

However, having enjoyed the time off, I find I am still very interested in any developments in my areas of professional interest and find I cannot quite keep my nose out of things...


My background of counselling, pastoral and business experience has underpinned and informed my university degree and post graduate research to PhD level.  Building my professional practice and continuing reseach into neurodiversity has been a rewarding and enlightening experience for me and has continued to challenge and enrich my personal life. 

I would admit I have learned as much from my mistakes and my downtimes as from my successes. Managing getting older, being the mother of working parents, being a 'good enough' grandmother, working as a self employed professional from home, working at home when my neurotypical husband (bless him for his patience with me!) works from home too - all these experiences, ups and downs, contribute to my 'people work' with others.     
I have enjoyed the rollercoaster journey of my life and work and been grateful for those who have encouraged me along the way as I have attempted as much as possible to harness my strengths and effectively manage my weaknesses. 
I try as much as possible to 'WALK THE TALK' and have a life-style which is 80%   SIMPLE, STRUCTURED, SUPPORTED and STRATEGIC.  The other 20% of the time?  Well...check out my blog:  

Find out about what it is like living in my world on my blog  "Sharmans World": http://drsharman.wordpress.com/